About us

About us

Remarkable impressions- an unforgettable birthday!

Straw-Berry- celebratory cocktails for kids at your child’s birthday or any other party. The fun, creative and professional Straw-Berry’s staff has the highest level of experience in cocktail making.

Children are unique clients and it’s not easy to satisfy them and even more so- to surprise them. We understand and appreciate that, that’s why we focus all of our creative and especially love cells while making these cocktails for kids.

All of our cocktails are tested very carefully at the laboratory of cocktails and only the best of the best are crowned with the Straw-Berry label and included in our menu.

Straw-Berry’s cocktails can turn your child’s party into a miraculous and colorful fairytale.

It doesn’t matter where you decide to have your party- in a villa, your house, restaurant, playroom or outdoors.

Straw-Berry’s celebratory cocktails can reach you anywhere.